Central Park Ice is the largest synchronized skating program in New York City.

Central Park Ice started with eight skaters and one practice session each week shared with Snowplow Sam tots.

We have grown steadily over the years:

2007-2008: Beginner
2008-2009: Pre-Juvenile
2009-2010: Pre-Juvenile
2010-2011: Open Juvenile, NEW Beginner
2011-2012: Open Juvenile, NEW Pre-Juvenile, Beginner
2012-2013: Open Juvenile, Preliminary, Beginner
2013-2014: Intermediate, Pre-Juvenile, Preliminary, Beginner
2014-2015: Open Juvenile, Pre-Juvenile, Beginner

Synchronized skating is sweeping through the figure skating community, and we are happy to provide the opportunity for New York City skaters to participate in this wonderful part of the sport!

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Synchronized Skating is the fastest growing segment of figure skating, combining elements of ballet, ice dancing and pairs skating into an exciting on-ice performance. “Synchro” has brought the team concept to a sport that was historically focused on singles and pairs. It is this team aspect that encourages camaraderie and long term participation in skating. Team members must develop and master the basics of skating in order to execute difficult formations with speed and accuracy.

For more information about synchronized skating, please visit US Figure Skating’s Synchro section.

We are proud to represent the Skating Club of New York.