The Jungle Book (2016-2017 Intermediate)

Bond (2016-2017 Open Juvenile) *practice tempo

Rock this Town (2016-2017 Pre-Juvenile) *rough cut

Friend Like Me (2016-2017 Beginner)


Ramalama (Bang Bang) (2015-2016 Open Juvenile)

Welcome to Wonderland (2015-2016 Pre-Juvenile)

One Short Day (2015-2016 Beginner)


Sky Full of Stars (2014-2015 Open Juvenile)

Dance With Me Tonight (2014-2015 Pre-Juvenile)

You Can’t Stop the Beat (2014-2015 Beginner)


Dreamgirls (2013-2014 Intermediate)

La Copa de la Vida (2013-2014 Pre-Juvenile)

Modern Wizard of Oz (2013-2014 Preliminary)

Seventy-Six Trombones (2013-2014 Beginner 1)


Empire State of Mind (2012-2013 Open Juvenile)

King of New York (2012-2013 Preliminary)

N.Y.C. (from “Annie”) (2012-2013 Beginner)


How To Succeed… (2011-2012 Open Juvenile)

Waka Waka (2011-2012 Pre-Juvenile)

99 Red Balloons (2011-2012 Beginner)


Life in Technicolor/Viva la Vida (2010-2011 Open Juvenile)


Jai Ho (2009-2010 Pre-Juvenile)


Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (2008-2009 Pre-Juvenile)