• To determine which time slot you are eligible to try out for, please read the Requirements and Tryout Skills linked below (MIF level refers to tests passed)
  • Skaters may try out for as many groups as their age/skill level allows
  • Skaters will be evaluated based on age and level, and placed on the appropriate team
  • Skills clinics are REQUIRED for groups A, B, & C and highly recommended for group D
  • Clinics and tryouts will be closed to parents and other observers to allow for skaters’ focus on the ice
  • Skaters must have PASSED the MIF test at the given level to try out; skaters who wish to “skate up” at tryouts should contact the director in advance and must be working on the required test at the higher level to attend the additional clinic/tryout (for example, a skater who has passed Juvenile MIF MUST attend Group B but can ask for permission to also attend Group A)
  • All ages are as of July 1, 2017

Group A (Intermediate team)                                           

Clinic: Sun 4/23 – 6:00-7:20a                

Tryout: Sun 4/30 – 6:00-7:20a on-ice, 7:30-8:15a fitness

Age: 13 and up

Test level: Intermediate MIF and up

Synchro Experience: Previous team experience recommended

Group B (Juvenile/Open Juvenile teams)                                          

Clinic: Sat 4/22 – 6:00-6:50a                

Tryout: Sat 4/29 – 6:00-6:50a on-ice, 7:00-7:45a fitness

Age: 11 and up

Test level: Pre-Juvenile MIF and up

        Synchro Experience: Previous team experience recommended but not required


Group C (Preliminary/Pre-Juvenile teams)                                              

Clinic: Sun 4/23 – 9:00-9:50a                

Tryout: Sun 4/30 – 9:00-9:50a on-ice, 10:00-10:45a fitness

Age: 9 and up

Test level: Pre-Preliminary MIF and up

Synchro Experience: Previous team experience recommended but not required


Group D (Beginner teams)                                              

Clinic: Sun 4/23 – 9:50-10:20a                

Tryout: Sun 4/30 – 9:50-10:20a on-ice

Age: All ages

Test level: Basic 5 and above

Synchro Experience: Previous team experience not required

Full 2017-18 Tryout Info Packet

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